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Since 1989, Case Technologies has provided comprehensive tech solutions to the AEC industry, assisting clients with sustainability, integrated delivery, and overall business transformation through consulting, assessments, strategic planning, software, hardware, training, . . .

Intuitive Toolspace


The Corridor EZ Toolspace is intuitive and simple to use, providing a one-stop-shop for you to create, edit and manage all your design objects. Select any object, or object collection, and right click to obtain a contextual menu of commands available for that object. No more hunting through menus or ribbons to get to the command or object you want!

Templates Simplify Assemblies


Corridor EZ provides a spreadsheet-like template manager to define your road, curb, sidewalks, pond elements and related grading polylines. Templates replace the need to build complex assemblies and can be easily customized to meet specific project needs. When your design is complete and you are ready to create a corridor – Corridor EZ will create the required assemblies for you.

Intelligent Road Network Design


Corridor EZ delivers intelligent, AI driven creation of your entire road network via ‘Project Assist’. Once your surface and alignments are created, you can assign your templates and ‘Project Assist’ generates the design for an entire subdivision in a single operation including all curb returns, widenings and cul-de-sacs. All these elements are tied together so changing the vertical design of one road updates all of the connected profiles

Leverage The Civil 3D Profile


Push your designs out to Civil 3D Profiles, complete with Profile Views, with a single mouse click. Edit your Civil 3D profiles and read back to the design to update all your curb returns and cul-de-sacs. As well, you can open multiple interactive design windows to edit your profile designs and view your cross sections, complete with plan tracking and dynamic updating as you change your design. There is no need to contend with split views and the hunt for profile views.


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