Civil Site Design Pipes includes all the tools you need to quickly create your pipe networks and avoid crossing services and other pipe networks.

Working inside the drawing environment, you can create and design Stormwater Drainage Networks, Sewer Networks and undertake general pipe design. Service obstruction checks are included in the design process for you to quickly optimise your designs and avoid conflicts between underground services.

Layout and create your pipe network by either clicking on screen or create directly from polylines or alignments. Whilst the initial pipe layout is based on minimum slopes and covers, the multiple Vertical Design Windows allow you to quickly adjust any pipe sizes and levels to achieve your desired outcomes.

From The Vertical Design Window interface you can see all crossing pipes and services, including clash detection. Edit pipes and pits by setting invert/obvert levels or move pipes up and down by increment. Insert in-line pipes wherever you require and review the pit drops and pipe levels.

Civil Site Design Pipes is synchronised with the Roads module, enabling both the pit levels and offsets to be directly connected to a road element and with dynamic updates as the road element is edited. All pipe networks can be displayed on the road Vertical Grading and Cross Section Windows to confirm locations relative to the road design.

The Reports Manager builds customised reports from any combination of attributes stored by the software and can be exported as comma separated files (CSV) for review in your preferred spread-sheet program or as an AutoCAD table in the drawing. Create pit and pipe schedules directly from your designs.

Using the Long Section plotting tools you can rapidly generate an industry standard output for your designs directly inside the AutoCAD drawing with control over the sheet layout and data included. Publish directly to AutoCAD as separate files or as layouts in the current drawing.