DRAINS is a stormwater drainage design and analysis program widely used across Australia, supporting a range of hydrological models (IL-CL for ARR 2019), Horton ILSAX, storage routing methods such as RORB, RAFTS and WBNM, and more.

Civil Site Design offers the most comprehensive, bidirectional exchange with DRAINS.  Use Civil Site Design Stormwater pipe tools to rapidly lay out a pipe network in the drawing and account for slope and cover rules for the surface.  Assign rainfall catchments using the drawing geometry and surface data directly, and include underground services for clash detection during design.  Share this directly with DRAINS via a simple export/import function and all the setup is complete for your DRAINS analysis: pits, pipes, overland flows, rainfall catchments and more.

After analysing in DRAINS, send geometry/data changes back to Civil Site Design for full plan production:

  • Simple network branching and labelling of pits and pipes based on the branching order.
  • Long section plotting to industry standard, complete with DRAINS results data (HGL) and other stormwater details.  Plot to layouts in the drawing or external .dwg files.
  • Generate pit, pipe, catchment and other reports as CAD Tables in the drawing and/or external .csv files (able to be opened directly in Excel).