As well as providing comprehensive civil design tools for road and site grading projects, Civil Site Design integrates driveway tools into your design workflow to instantly identify and design to avoid vehicle clearance conflicts.

The driveway tools work from polylines in the drawing and link dynamically to both Road design cross sections and the property boundary. You can see your vehicle clearance requirements update as you edit your Road and vertically design your driveway to avoid vehicle clashes.

It’s simple to use and gives you instant feedback. Included is a compliance check tool to highlight driveways where vehicle clash/es occurs.

Open each driveway in the Driveway Vertical Grading Editor window and choose what vehicle clearance template to apply. See the vehicle clearance line and all vertical clashes highlighted.

You can design the driveway by adding, deleting and editing IP’s to remove clearance problems—updates will occur dynamically as you change the vertical design.

You can create your own vehicle clearance templates to suit your local conditions, and check each for compliance.