Civil Site Design Pipes incorporates a comprehensive set of sewer pipe design tools.

Sewer house/property connections are included in the design tools and can check depth controls and minimum levels along the sewer network. Each house connection can be viewed in a Vertical Design window for editing and adjustment.

The sewer network will automatically adjust to ensure compliance with the minimum house connection levels, and you will be alerted if sewer pipe edits result in any compliance issues with house/property connections.

Interactive vertical design windows are able to display any branch of pipes in a network and complete with editing tools you can quickly and easily design a system to avoid all conflicts and service the house/property connection. All house connections, service obstructions and other networks display as crossing pipes, including clearance controls – as you make changes to pipe sizes and levels you can immediately identify and address any conflicts.

Detailed and specific reporting tools for sewer designers enable quick identification of any house/property connection issues.

Using the Long Section plotting tools you can rapidly generate industry standard outputs of your designs directly inside the AutoCAD drawing, including house connection controls and ready for immediate plotting. Publish directly to AutoCAD as separate files or as layouts in the current drawing.

Plan drafting occurs directly in the AutoCAD drawing including selected attributes from your design specific to sewer design.