Built specifically for the Australian stormwater drainage designer and applying the principles of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff manual and Rational Method design, Civil Site Design Pipes is a complete tool for designers wanting to create underground stormwater drainage systems.
Easily create drainage catchments directly from a Surface and polyline – catchment style libraries allow you to easily assign catchment criteria for common catchment types.
When a network is created the design flows are calculated and pipe sizes and levels are automatically assigned to manage the flows as well as minimum cover, slope and flow velocities.
As you make changes to pipe sizes and levels the Hydraulic Grade Line and all design information for each pipe automatically updates.
Using the Long Section plotting tools you can rapidly generate industry standard outputs of your designs directly inside the AutoCAD drawing, complete with HGL and other stormwater details and ready for immediate plotting. Publish directly to AutoCAD as separate files or as layouts in the current drawing.