Grading Strings add an intuitive interface to enhance feature line functionality. Easily create surfaces from simple polylines using templates combined with the powerful variation library.

Grading strings begin life as 2D polylines and streamline the grading workflow for non-corridor related features. Recently added to Corridor EZ for Civil 3D, grading strings when combined with the power of ScriptX based variations add automation to feature line creation.

How to Use Grading Strings:

Below is a typical workflow for creating Grading Strings in Corridor EZ

Select the Grading Polyline

Using a polyline, define the location of the grading. It can be a linear feature like a ditch or property line or a closed polyline like a pond or building pad.

Apply a template or use a variation such as a retaining wall. A a key feature of a grading string is that the associated polyline can be grip edited and the associated features are automatically updated.

Select a polyline to be used as a grading string, add a template or a script and dynamically edit. Instantly see updated volumes.

Vertical Design

The vertical design can be edited directly using the Corridor EZ vertical grading editor or by using a traditional grid editor.

Changes in the vertical design update all associated surfaces and models.

With a side lot grading string, changes in a roads vertical design will automatically update the side lot grading.

Vertical Grading Editor – Volume Calculations and Model Viewer – all update as design changes are made.

Pasting Surfaces

Grading strings can be automatically assigned to a surface when defined or they can be “pasted” onto other surfaces.

Again, all surfaces and models are automatically updated as design changes are made.

Pasting surfaces is intuitive with Corridor EZ with immediate feedback.

In Summary

Grading strings when combined with ScriptX variations are powerful tools that empower designers to achieve precise and efficient grading outcomes. By incorporating them into your workflow, you can save time, minimize errors, and ensure your projects are built on a solid foundation (literally!). So, the next time you tackle a grading project, embrace the power of Corridor EZ grading strings and watch your design come to life!

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