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Civil Survey Applications

Our Civil/Survey Software Transforms Civil 3D, AutoCAD and BricsCAD Into Complete Civil Engineering and Surveying Solutions

Subdivision Design · Road Reconstruction · Commercial Site Design · County & Rural Road Design · Drainage & Sewer Systems


Corridor EZ For Civil 3D Increases Productivity By Automating The Most Complex Part Of Civil 3D – Corridor Creation

Corridor EZ for Civil 3DThis No-Brainer Add-On For Autodesk Civil 3D® is essential for those wanting to significantly increase their productivity. The Project Assist AI component will astonish both Civil 3D experts and will make junior designers productive with only a few hours of training.

Seamless Integration With
Autodesk Civil 3D
Corridor EZ For Civil 3D

What’s New!

Smarter Subdivision Road Design, Powered By AI

AI for subdivision design reduces the time taken to layout a subdivision road network from hours or days to just minutes. This feature deduces your design intent based on how you name your alignments and learns as you make corrections.

Every Day More Businesses Make The Switch To Civil Survey Applications

Civil Site Design increases productivity, speeds up project delivery, and is fully compatible with AutoCAD Civil 3D.

b-mulhollandBede Mulholland, Senior Designer

We have been using Civil Site Design with Civil 3D for 4 years now. The productivity gains we have seen from the automation in Civil Site Design are truly impressive.

j-crouchJerry Crouch, PE

I highly recommend Civil Site Design running on BricsCAD to anyone wanting a high quality, cost-effective, and intuitive civil design package.

s-cassidySimon Cassidy, Director Civil Engineer
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