Civil Site Design

Grading Tools


Simply using polylines and templates, the grading tools are great for modelling anything from basins, retaining walls, drains, and much more. The Vertical Grading Editor or Grid View can be used to manage the vertical design, while the horizontal geometry can be simply grip edited with real time updates in the drawing and model viewer.

Pipe Design


The pipe design module allows you to easily layout your design with simple polylines, will assign pipes and structures and will generate your network automatically, The Civil Site Design pipe designer, provides a powerful interface that displays pipes in relationship to the ground surface. Pipes are designed automatically based on minimum slope and design flows. Obstructions from other utilities are displayed and color coded based on minimum clearances. Incoming pipes are also displayed and will control the manhole invert where appropriate.

Surface Pasting & Exchange


As you build out your designs, you will often have multiple surfaces such as existing ground, mass grading for a site, ponds, lots and building pads. Civil Site Design provides an intuitive interface to create new surfaces by simply pasting the individual surfaces in order. Civil Site Design will create CAD surfaces that allow you to incorporate these into a BIM environment.


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