You’ve Done the Hard Work – You’ve Built a Successful Civil Engineering Business!

A loyal client base. A talented team. Expertise that others count on.

It’s a huge accomplishment. But there are headwinds! Generating new business. Client satisfaction. Team productivity and utilization. Adding skilled staff is difficult and expensive. Annual costs continues to rise. Sometimes you feel a bit out of control.

With Civil Site Design, you can start to address critical short term design issues while planning for the future.

Why Civil Site Design is a Great Fit For You

  • Automates road and curb return design
  • It’s intuitive user interface allows new users to be productive in days
  • The unique AI plugin automatically generates complex project designs from your alignments
  • It generates your Civil 3D surfaces, feature lines, profiles, corridors and pipe networks
  • It is 100% compatible with your existing production standards

Civil Site Design

Put Civil Site Design on Your Team

Just imagine how much time you’ll save! Maximum productivity ensures that you complete your projects on time and under budget, Civil Site Design will maximize your productivity!  Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Software that has been designed around being productive
  • Consistent work flows and standardized designs
  • Flexible licenses offered as subscription or perpetual
  • Unique mentoring support for your staff

We know your reputation is on the line when you bring something new to your organization. That’s why we built Civil Site Design to be intuitive, clear, and easy to use. Engineers immediately get it, they love using it, and they’ll love you for choosing it. 

Questions You Need to Ask Your Team

  1. What are our annual Autodesk subscription costs?
  2. Are your EIT’s and junior designers really productive with Civil 3D?
  3. How many drafters/detailers are using Civil 3D when they just need CAD
  4. Would perpetual and network licenses protect you if the economy slows down?

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