Civil Site Design

Unlock The True Power Of Autodesk Civil 3D Through The Transformative Capabilities Of Civil Site Design

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D

Watch six minutes that will change your view of civil design forever.

Civil Site Design Adds The Features & Tools Missing From Civil 3D For Uncompromising End-to-End Civil Design Projects

Civil Site Design for Civil 3D

In today’s competitive environment and shortage of designers, it is imperative that civil engineering firms identify and deploy proven productivity tools. Where would you stand with your projects if you lost 2 or 3 designers to a competitor?

With its revolutionary Artificial Intelligence component – Project Assist, Civil Site Design allows senior designers to share their knowledge with junior designers and EIT’s – they are productive in days not weeks or months.

Subdivision Design · Road Reconstruction · Commercial Site Design · County & Rural Road Design · Land Development · Drainage & Sewer Systems

We have been using Civil Site Design with Civil 3D for 4 years now. The productivity gains we have seen from the automation in Civil Site Design are truly impressive.

j-crouch Jerry Crouch, PE

Civil Site Design increases productivity, speeds up project delivery, and is fully compatible with AutoCAD Civil 3D.

b-mulholland Bede Mulholland, Senior Designer

Powerful Features & Tools

  • AI for Subdivision Design
  • Real Time Interactive Visualization
  • Surfaces From Satellite Data, Point Files And Civil 3D
  • Create Alignments from Polylines
  • Templates Eliminate Assemblies
  • Automated Road Network Design
  • Interactive, Intuitive Design Tools
  • Grading Tools
  • Pipe Design
  • Surface Pasting & Exchange
  • Plan/Profile and Cross Section Generation

Add Civil Site Design to Autodesk Civil 3D and work faster
and smarter with a complete set of civil design tools.

Essential & Time Saving Features and Tools
Autodesk Civil 3D
Civil Site Design for Civil 3D
Surfaces From Satellite Data, Point Files And Point Clouds
Template Editor Interface
Automated Road Network Design
Interactive, Intuitive Design Tools
Real Time Interactive Visualization
Multi-Sectioned Grading
Section Volume Reporting
Intuitive Gravity Pipe Design
AI-Driven Road Network Design
Profiles & Sections Generated with Your Production Standards

The First Civil Design Software to Introduce AI for Subdivision Design

The Benefits of AI

  • Design speed is everything in today’s competitive environment.
  • Civil Site Design’s AI reduces the time taken to layout a road network from hours or days to just minutes.
  • The software deduces your design intent based on how you name your alignments and learns as you make corrections.

“But, for 4 minutes’ worth of work, to do 33 intersections along 26 streets this is ama-za-zing stuff. ”

Angel Espinoza, Autodesk Civil 3D technical guru

Support & Training Services

Whether you need expert technical support, instructor-led training or prefer self-paced training – we’ve got it.

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