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Civil Site Design Plus
General Survey
COGO Points
Survey Linework
Raw survey data reduction and import
Survey Data (Legend) Tables
Multi Scaled Symbols
COGO Code Report and Validation
Cadastral Lines
QA/Comparison Reporting
Horizontal Distance tool
Survey utilities
Satellite Surface/Image Import
Point Cloud Import
XML Import/Export
Surface Paste
TIN Exchange (BricsCAD)
Surface Volumes
Water Drop
3D Design Review
Model Viewer
Land Development Design
Section Templates
Site Grading
Design Modelling
Alignment Design and Editing
Alignment Offsets
Alignment Labels
Enquiry Tools
Auto Create from Polylines
Road and String Design
Section Templates
String Design
Curb Returns, Cul-de-sacs and Knuckles
Roundabout Tool
Design Modelling
Section Volume Reports
XML and GENIO export
Driveway Clearance Checker
String Design Production Outputs
Cross Sections
Tables and Reports
Pipe Design
Stormwater Design
Sewer Design
Clash Detection
Pipe Production Outputs
Pipe Profiles
Plan Labelling
Tables and Reports
Quantities and Design Reports
Exchange with DRAINS
HEC-RAS Exchange
1D HEC-RAS exchange
2D HEC-RAS exchange
Data Management
Multiple Design Contributors
Import Civil 3D data (BricsCAD)
Data Exchange with Corridor EZ
AutoCAD Compatibility
Civil 3D Object Enabler
Dynamic Block Support
AutoLisp Support

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