Corridor EZ Mentoring Program

Put Your Extremely Busy/Short Staffed Concerns To Bed

Today many civil engineering firms are extremely busy and are short staffed.

Designs are often performed by interns who have limited Civil 3D experience placing additional stress on senior designers who must review the initial designs.

Adopting new software, such as Corridor EZ, which has demonstrable automation and time savings, poses unknown risks that many project managers are hesitant to accept.

  • How much training time (read down time) is required?
  • Will this new process impact my production time?

These are legitimate questions.

  • When formal corporate training is provided – it may be weeks before a designer has the opportunity to use Corridor EZ on a project
  • Many designers will be hesitant to use Corridor EZ because they will have forgotten much of what they learned in the training class

To address these issues, we have worked with customers to develop and implement an effective deployment strategy. We call this our Corridor EZ Mentoring Program.

The Mentoring Program is tailored to your specific needs and includes:

  • A skilled Corridor EZ implementer who can be retained directly by you as part of a project and can be project billable
  • The mentor will work with your designers to:
    • Review your default settings and templates (assemblies)
    • Review your alignments and design constraints
    • Recommend the initial design process (use the AI tool or not)
    • Get you to the actual design process as quickly as possible
    • Configure exchange processes to generate your Civil 3D surfaces, profiles, feature lines and corridors
    • Provide immediate assistance through Microsoft Teams when needed
  • It is expected that your reliance on a mentor will decrease over time and staff trained on Corridor EZ will ultimately provide internal support

How effective is the Mentoring process?

“The mentoring process was excellent! We found it very helpful in understanding the tools and the ways we could utilize the software on our test projects. I do not believe we would have been nearly as successful without the high level of mentoring that was available to us through the program.”
– Pat Poel, Murfee Engineering Co

How To Get Started With The Corridor EZ Mentoring Program

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