The Power of AI for Land Development

You are invited to a Zoom meeting March 21, 2024 2:00 PM CST

Win more projects, deliver better designs by adding a NEW Design Tool to your existing Civil 3D land development workflow.

Civil Engineering design firms are pushed to get projects designed, approved and sent out to construction as fast as possible. Typically, these time restrictions will limit the amount of time spent on exploring options in the preliminary design stage to flush out the best design, reduce costs and get the project completed on time.

Corridor EZ For Civil 3D Increases Productivity By Automating The Most Complex Part Of Civil 3D – Corridor Creation

  • Adds The Features Missing From Civil 3D For Uncompromised Design
  • Speeds Up Road And Corridor Design By Up To 20X
  • Uses An AI Engine To Make Staff More Productive – From Senior Designers To New Designers

Corridor EZ seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D

Corridor EZ for Civil 3D