We hear every day from civil engineering firms doing subdivision design and road rehabilitation that they are too busy! This creates huge challenges for an organization.

Management face three immediate challenges:

  1. Competition for Talent: The talent pool for Civil 3D experts is limited, and skilled professionals may be actively sought after by rival firms, making it challenging for companies to retain their top talent. We have seen entire design teams poached preventing the company from fulfilling their contracts.
  2. Work-Life Balance: Long hours, demanding project deadlines, and high-pressure environments contribute to a poor work-life balance. Adding Corridor EZ for Civil 3D automation tools removes the tedious part of Civil 3D allowing designers to concentrate on actual design.
  3. Technological Advancements: Civil 3D continues to evolve with an emphasis on BIM and Construction integration. This means that Civil 3D users must generate corridors – a challenging task in itself – in addition to their traditional designs. Again, automation tools are critical for efficient design.

There is one other key issue that management must overcome when employees are busy – resistance to change. Objections we hear on a regular basis:

  • We have seen the sales presentation demo but it is working with demo data – not our data
  • We don’t have the time to review and test the software and ensure it is compatible with our workflows

Introducing Corridor EZ for Civil 3D

Corridor EZ is a subset of Civil Site Design for Civil 3D which has been in continuous development since 2007.

The key features that assist in the automation of road network design and corridor production have been isolated and now offered as a separate and cost effective product – Corridor EZ for Civil 3D.

  1. The outputs are 100% compatible with your production styles
  2. Ensured bi-directional compatibility between Corridor EZ profiles and Civil 3D profiles
  3. Ensured bi-directional compatibility between Corridor EZ surface and Civil 3D profiles
  4. Introduced Project Assist – an AI driven road network design system first introduced in 2021
  5. Introduced the Vertical Grading Editor – an intuitive, interactive profile editor
  6. Introduced Model Viewer – an advanced, rendered 3D viewer that updates as changes are made in the design

These features result in an intuitive, easy to learn application that allows the initial design of a road network to be completed 10 to 20 times faster than Civil 3D alone.

Corridor EZ for Civil 3D

Producing and updating Civil 3D corridors is one of the most complex processes in Civil 3D as indicated by the Autodesk Civil 3D Help system.

Corridor maintenance is even more tedious when changes are made in design profiles. Some common problems include:

  1. Corridor Modeling Complexity:
    • Issue: Corridor modeling is complex, especially for users new to Civil 3D.
    • Traditional Solution: Advanced training in the intricacies of corridor modeling is required.
    • Corridor EZ Solution: Corridor creation and maintenance is automated.

2. Corridor Intersection Issues:

    • Issue: Intersections can be challenging to model correctly, leading to issues with lane connections, grading, and overall corridor performance.
    • Traditional Solution: Careful attention to corridor parameters, alignment, and assembly settings is crucial. Users must know the intersection design principles and how to use the Intersection Modeling wizard.
    • Corridor EZ Solution – Automated intersection creation and maintenance is an integrated part of Corridor EZ. Any changes made in the vertical design of a road automatically updates all curb returns.

3. Learning Curve:

    • Issue: Civil 3D has a steep learning curve, and users new to Civil 3D face challenges in understanding the workflow and tools.
    • Traditional Solution: Comprehensive training, ongoing education, and leveraging online resources help users overcome the learning curve. Regular practice and hands-on experience are essential.
    • Corridor EZ Solution: Corridor EZ’s Tool Space, simplified interface, training resources and automation tools allow new users to become productive in days.

Ready to optimize your Civil 3D workflows? Learn how Corridor EZ and ScriptX can boost productivity 10-20X today!