Corridor EZ Adds The Functionality Missing From Civil 3D For Uncompromised Design

Stuck grappling with tedious road and corridor design in Civil 3D? If you demand precision and control, Civil 3D is your go-to. But for unmatched tools, automation, and user-friendliness in corridor design, add Corridor EZ.

FunctionalityAutodesk Civil 3DCorridor EZ for Civil 3D
Road Design Enhancements
Satellite Image Import
Templates Simplify Assemblies
Automatic Best Fit Profile Design
Innovative Vertical Grading Editor
Auto Balance Cut and Fill for a Road
Automatic Curb Returns for Road Networks
Curb Returns Linked to Associated Roads
Cul-de-sac Tool
Knuckle Tool
Roundabout Tool
Profiles and Profile View Creation
Feature Line Creation
Corridor Output
Model Viewer
Dynamic Real Time Design Visualization
Drive Through Visualization
Surface Catchment Analysis
Surface Ponding Analysis
Simplified Line of Sight Analysis
Simplified Line Marking

Ready to optimize your Civil 3D workflows? Learn how Corridor EZ can boost productivity 10-20X today!