“I love the speed and agility of Corridor EZ. Especially in intersections and cul de sacs, there is no comparing the speed. It understands what I am trying to accomplish, but still lets me control the details. As a test I used Corridor EZ on a subdivision project. I was able to design three different layout options in a fraction of the time it had taken me to create just one option.”

Russ Nicloy
Civil Solutions Specialist
MACER Technologies, Inc.

“Balancing cut and fill along a road in Civil 3D is time consuming. With Corridor EZ you can update a profile to reflect balanced cut and fill with a single command.”

“Junior designers, who often do not understand corridors will be productive with Corridor EZ in hours.”

Ryan Caudell
Civil 3D Trainer
CAD Support Plus

“Corridor EZ increases productivity, speeds up project delivery, and is fully compatible with Autodesk Civil 3D.”

Bede Mulholland
Senior Designer

“Corridor EZ will revolutionize the method of designing subdivisions in a fraction of the time for AKS.”

Chuck Litchfield, CAD Manager
AKS Engineering & Forestry

“To do 33 intersections along 26 streets in 4 minutes is ama-za-zing stuff.”

Angel Espinoza
Autodesk Civil 3D Guru

“The productivity gains we have seen from the automation in Civil Site Design are truly impressive.”

Jerry Crouch

Ready to optimize your Civil 3D workflows? Learn how Corridor EZ can boost productivity 10-20X today!